How to install SSH Server – SSH is stand for Secure Shell is the powerful free tool in Linux to remote control and transfer data between networked computer. Many users recommend to use OpenSSH it’s offers us with secured and encrypted connection.

how to install ssh server

What is OpenSSH.

OpenSSH is a free tool that can use to work with networked computer remotely and this program use the ssh protocol. this program is opensource and it is developed by the Open BSD group.

OpenSSH became popular tool because this tools is multi-platform and have interesting features. If you use OpenSSH please check out the update regularly.

OpenSSH Installation

OpenSSH install process is easy, you just open terminal and run the following command ( Don’t forget use root or superuser ).

Install SSH Server on Ubuntu/ Install SSH Server Kali Linux

After installation process is finished, the next step is the OpenSSH configuration.

OpenSSH Configuration

Setup SSH Server Ubuntu – Ok, you might be think OpenSSH install process was easy, you right, but making OpenSSH more secure need bit more effort.

You can edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config file to configure OpenSSH, now you can use following command to edit that file.

You can see the default port on ssh protocol listen , by default the port is 22, of course everybody known that, and we suggest you to change default SSH port to non standard port for example 2533.

On the other part of sshd_config file, you can optional customize to increase your security. PermitRootLogin, you can set this no to refuse anybody login as root, and LoginGraceTime  is time limit the user can try to login.

The second optional configuration to increase security is to list what users are allowed to login with ssh, you can add the following line in the end of sshd_config file.

Replace user1 and user2 with the real usernames.

After you install ssh server and make configuration, the last step you need to restart the ssh service, you can use the following command to restart SSH.

After ssh service restarted process is finished, you need to verify the port of SSH is open or not, you can use netcat tool, you can use the following command.

You can create nice banner that is will show when the user login into ssh. you can modify content of file /etc/ and then adding this following line into sshd_config file.

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